Boyd’s love of music began at a very young age.  Growing up in Texas, surrounded by family, and friends of the family, who both loved music and played various instruments, Boyd soon found that he possessed more than just a love of music.  As a child, Boyd quickly learned to play ukulele, graduating to the guitar during the turn of his teenage years.  He later became interested in the banjo. Against the advice of his Grandfather, Boyd attempted to learn Scruggs-style picking on his first banjo: a 4-string tenor banjo!

In 1973, a long-time friend of the family placed a 5-string banjo in Boyd’s hands.  His heart skipped a couple of beats.  You might say it was “love at first sight.”  Quickly adapting to the “five,” Boyd began to attend Bluegrass festivals in Texas and Oklahoma, honing his skills by playing with, and learning from, other musicians.  He went on to win Championship trophies in both states between 1976 and 1979.

Boyd and a long-time friend, Gary Moreland, from his hometown of Honey Grove, Texas, performed a live bluegrass show for several consecutive weekends on radio station KFYN in Bonham, Texas.  They eventually formed a progressive country band during the late ’70s, which performed at night clubs, rodeo dances, and civic events throughout the area.

After a short time of playing country music in Texas dancehalls with his five-string banjo, Boyd’s interest turned to the instrument his Grandfather played: the Hawaiian “lap-steel” guitar.  Sitting the lap steel on a stand to make it look similar to a pedal steel guitar, Boyd played various venues over the next few years, eventually purchasing his first 10-string pedal steel guitar.  At a seminar in Dallas, Boyd met Jeff Newman (Jeffran College of Pedal Steel Guitar, Nashville Tenn.) and subsequently traveled to Nashville on three different occasions to study under Jeff and the “World’s Foremost Steel Guitarist,” Buddy Emmons.

In 1989, Boyd, his wife Debbie, and their son, Kevin, moved to Paris, Texas, which is their home today.  Kevin is an accomplished drummer and plays with several bands including Gary Porterfield Blues Band and Karl Louis and the Blues Drivers.   After thirteen years of constant weekend performances, Boyd now enjoys playing banjo, dobro and steel guitar at churches, local “opry” houses, recording sessions, and public events around the area. He and Kevin play in the Praise and Worship band at East Paris Baptist Church. (UPDATE: On October 6th of 2015 Kevin lost his life while cutting down a tree for firewood. He leaves behind his wife Wendi and sons Clayton Thomas and John Wesley.