Music Companies

Hawthorne Studios Recording Studio, Paris, TX.

StoneAgeRecording – Recording Studio, Athens Texas

MSA Pedal Steel GuitarI play an MSA Classic E9th/B6th 12-string steel guitar.

Billy Cooper Music – Specializing in Steel Guitars and Accessories

Stewart McDonald – Parts, supplies, and how-to’s. Everything for building and repairing stringed instruments.

Janet Davis Music – Quality instruments: Banjos, Dobros, Mandolins, Autoharps, Guitars, Fiddles, Dulcimers, Multi-Speed Recorders, Books, DVDs, Videos, CDs, anything bluegrass and more.

Chuck Lee Banjos – Pure Tone, Extreme Playability, True Vintage Spirit, and Chuck’s Unique Expression are the Hallmarks of a Chuck Lee Banjo!

Ferguson Perfect Pitch Capo – Banjo and guitar capos that are guaranteed to keep your instrument in tune when you use them!

Sweetwater is the world’s leading music technology and instrument retailer, offering highly knowledgeable Sales Engineers, in-house Technical Support and more.

George L’s Store – guitar cable, speaker cable, patch cable, instrument cable, cable checkers/cable accessories, full line of guitar strings, acoustic guitar pick-up, steel guitar accessories

PG Music – Developers of Band-In-A-Box. I use this software for accompaniment, recording and as a learning tool! Just enter the chords of a tune, specify the key, tempo, and music style, then hit play and you have a full band accompaniment!