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Levels of instruction

  1. Beginner – The student knows nothing or very little about music and their instrument of choice.
  2. Intermediate – The student already possesses an instrument and has a rudimentary knowledge of the basics of the instrument and music.
  3. Advanced – The student has been playing a particular instrument (or multiple instruments) for a significant amount of time and wishes to learn even more about music and his or her instrument of choice.
  4. Expert – This is the only free class.  You are the teacher and Boyd is the student!

Methods of Instruction

  • Lecture (Instrument familiarization, music theory, playing techniques, music genres)
  • Demonstrations (Instruments, techniques, adjustments, care, repair)
  • Chord charts and tablature (see examples in this category)
  • Practice using rhythm tracks
  • Recording techniques
  • Computer methods of slowing down audio tracks
  • Computer methods of changing the key of recorded music
  • Instructor accompaniment
  • Guest instructors
  • Group seminars