Other Services

Stringbender Music also provides other services that you might be interested in.  Some of these are great for making backup copies of family heirlooms.

Media conversion

  • Convert VCR and VHS-C tapes to DVD Videos
  • Convert VCR tapes to Video Files (for playback on a computer)
  • Convert Vinyl Records (33, 45, and 78 rpm) to CD
  • Convert Vinyl Records to MP3 files for use on your MP3 player (iPod, etc.)
  • Convert Cassette Tapes to CD

Recording Sessions – Low budget for rhythm tracks, demos, gifts, etc.

  • Record your singing or instrumental performance for CD or MP3 file.
  • Generation of chord charts for your music.
  • Cyberspace Recording (receipt and transfer of recorded tracks via internet)


  • Public and Civic Events
  • Memorial and Funeral Services

Website Development – examples below:

Alternate Operating Systems for your Computer – Are you still running WinXP (which isn’t supported by Microsoft anymore), or did you upgrade to Win7 and now you need to upgrade again but don’t like Windows 8?  We can set up your computer (XP, Win7, etc) with an alternate operating system such as ubuntu (free OS) which is loaded with apps and games that are usually free and can be easily installed or removed by you! Other free operating systems include Knopix and CENTOS (Community Enterprise Operating System).

Call 903-784-7436 to discuss any of these if you need them! Click here for more info on ubuntu!