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The various instrument pages (banjo, bass, guitar, dobro/lap-steel, and pedal steel), found under the SCHOOL tab, give you a little information about the relative ease (or difficulty) of learning to play each of those instruments.  Of course, those are my opinions only, but maybe they will help if you’re undecided on which one you would like to learn!

If you would like to register with this site, send an email to bwhudgens@yahoo.com, including your name, email address and city of residence.  Be sure to include the keyword “PICKER” in the email subject.  When I receive your request, I’ll send you a username and password to use for replying and commenting on posts.

Boyd “Stringbender” Hudgens

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The Instruments We Teach

Steel Guitar - Banjo - Dobro - Guitar- Bass

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Dusty & Rusty CD – 1992

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Ten Strings My Soul (Gospel CD)

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The Gospel Banjo – Boyd Hudgens

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Banjo Boyd CD from 1992

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Men’s Conference-Paris Bible Camp

Friday Evening August 11 & Saturday morning August 12. All Men are welcome! Wade White band will provide music. Mike Fortenberry will bring the devotions.

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Tribute to Kevin Hudgens

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Lesson Prices Reduced for 2017

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The Secret to “Passing Chords”

For example, if you are playing in the key of F and you will be going to the “B Flat” Chord, you can play the F-Augmented chord first, then play the “B-Flat” chord. F-Augmented is the “passing” chord. You might be asking “How do I make a F-Augmented chord? The follow diagrams show the finger position for a generic (no I didn’t say geriatric) augmented chord. Think of making the F-chord, starting in the first fret, but note the strings as shown in the second picture. If you move this chord up two frets you will have a G-Aug chord!

Listen to the progressions below…

Stay tuned for my next lesson where we will explore the “diminished” chord and it’s uses!

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Lake Bonham Hoedown – November 26, 2016


Special guest was HWY19, Tammy and Stuart Anderson.
From left to right: Boyd Hudgens, Jeff Harrison, Tammy, Stuart and Dale Clark.

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