Welcome to Stringbender Music

Please visit the ABOUT page for a brief introduction to Stringbender Music!
Also, when you hover over the above menu bar items, don’t just click on one of the drop-down options, but click on the main one too! For example, click on SCHOOL, not just the items that drop down under it! AND…don’t forget to check out OTHER SERVICES!

The various instrument pages (banjo, bass, guitar, dobro/lap-steel, and pedal steel), found under the SCHOOL tab, give you a little information about the relative ease (or difficulty) of learning to play each of those instruments.  Of course, those are my opinions only, but maybe they will help if you’re undecided on which one you would like to learn!

If you would like to register with this site, send an email to bwhudgens@yahoo.com, including your name, email address and city of residence.  Be sure to include the keyword “PICKER” in the email subject.  When I receive your request, I’ll send you a username and password to use for replying and commenting on posts.

Boyd “Stringbender” Hudgens

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  1. stu says:

    Boyd, looks like I’m in. It looks exciting and full of potential. Thanks.

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